Customer Notice

Dear Customers,

First and foremost many thanks to everyone for coming to try No26 in our first couple of months - your support has been really appreciated.

We pride ourselves on quality at No26 and are proud of what had been achieved to date, yes a few hiccups but generally 👍🏼.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances as a result of chef illness, and wanting to ensure you continue to have a positive/fun No26 experience we are having to close with immediate effect. This decision was not made lightly, and as soon as we have found a solution that maintains our high standards, and also embraces working with our lovely local producers our doors will be back open.

Really and truly sorry for the inconvenience but we are intending to be here for a long time, and not short term; so it's really important we not only understand your requirements, but deliver the quality you associate with our little set-up.